There are some charities that are bigger than others, but they still do incredible work in the world. These include the Gulbenkian Foundation, the U.N. Foundation, and Doctors Without Borders, among others. The best organizations on this list have budgets of over $100 million and are a model of transparency. While they are incredibly successful, they maintain the highest standards of financial management and financial reporting.

International Rescue Committee

The International Rescue Committee, founded in 1933 at the request of Albert Einstein, is a nonprofit organization that works to provide life-saving aid to people displaced by conflict or natural disaster. As one of the most highly rated nonprofits, it maintains an excellent record of accountability, transparency, and effective use of donated funds. The International Rescue Committee works to aid people in crisis all over the world and boasts 24 offices and over 13,000 employees in politically unstable areas. This organization is dedicated to restoring a sense of hope to victims of crisis and empowering communities.

In 2017, the IRC helped 9,300 refugees in Greece rebuild their homes following a fire. In 2020, they will have helped secure permanent housing for over 3,600 asylum seekers in Europe. In addition to collecting donations online, the International Rescue Committee also encourages citizens to become involved with their work by volunteering and calling on governments to protect refugees. If you can’t make a financial donation to the organization, you can find other ways to help.

Alight is another top non-profit organization. This organization offers comprehensive medical care and educational services to refugees in their communities. In addition to providing health care and education to refugees in Lebanon and other countries, Alight also helps refugee communities and camps build stronger structures to help them recover and flourish. Save the Children has served over three million people in over 100 countries and has the highest score on Charity Navigator’s Accountability and Transparency scale. They spend almost 85% of their income on programs.

The IRAP’s legal services and advocacy programs have helped more than 30,000 people from over 70 countries. The IRAP won a case that expedited immigration application processing for more than 300 refugees. The IRAP is also open to fundraising efforts and accepts donations on their website. A newsletter is available on their website. All donors are encouraged to subscribe to the newsletter. There are many other ways to support IRAP.

Gulbenkian Foundation

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation was founded in 1956. The philanthropist of Armenian descent lived in Lisbon between 1942 and 1955. His mission was to improve the quality of life for all people. The Foundation has offices in London, Paris, and Lisbon, and directs its activities from there. It receives funding from Portugal, and is active in African nations that speak Portuguese.

The Gulbenkian Foundation has several award programs, including the Gulbenkian Prize for Humanity, which recognizes outstanding contributions in climate change adaptation and mitigation. The prize aims to mobilize resources and talent for climate solutions, while strengthening the role of local communities. The prize also promotes sustainable development and contributes to the Paris Agreement’s goals.

U.N. Foundation

The United Nations Foundation, or UNF, is a nonprofit organization that assists with humanitarian efforts by connecting people, resources, and ideas. It works with the United Nations, key United Nations agencies, and private sector partners to address global issues. The foundation’s New York City office oversees its operations. In addition to assisting the United Nations in its humanitarian work, the UNF has a number of other goals as well.

The UN Foundation has made substantial contributions to UN programs and campaigns, including advancing data and technology to support the Sustainable Development Goals. The organization has also given over $400 million to the Better World Fund. In 2010, Ted Turner pledged $1 billion to the UN and other prominent leaders have donated to UN programs. The U.N. Foundation is one of the best non-profit organizations in the world for advocacy work.

The UN Foundation uses Box to help employees collaborate securely with external parties. Its mission is to help UN workers save lives and prevent further harmed populations. Several UN Foundation departments use Box to improve productivity and manage file sharing. The Human Resources, Finance, and IT departments use Box to collaborate with outside sources, while Communications uses Box to share rich digital assets with the media. With Box, UN employees can focus on their jobs rather than worrying about the safety of sensitive data.

The United Nations Foundation has also made great strides in the fight against malaria. Its Nothing But Nets campaign has provided over thirteen million mosquito nets in Africa and has encouraged Americans to advocate for the cause. A number of other UN programs have also benefited from the funding provided by the U.N. Foundation. This list only highlights a few of the many ways in which the U.N. Foundation can improve the world.

Doctors Without Borders

The idea for Doctors Without Borders came from a group of volunteer physicians who saw a need for a global medical organization. They began work in 1968 and have now grown into an organization with more than 30,000 staff in over eighty countries. The organization accepts all forms of donations, including stocks, mutual funds, corporate giving, and legacy giving. In addition to cash donations, the organization also holds various fundraisers and events to increase public awareness of the causes it supports.

In Yemen, Doctors Without Borders has 12 health centers and hospitals. They also provide funding to 20 health centers across 13 states. According to their 2019 annual report, there were eleven armed intrusions at the Taiz hospital alone. Despite the threats, the medical teams were able to treat more than 75,800 patients, provide 308,900 outpatient consultations, and perform more than twenty-seven hundred surgeries. Canada is a member of the organization, and funds projects in thirty-four countries.

While Doctors Without Borders is well-known for its work in developing countries, it is important to note that while it provides a significant humanitarian aid, its programs are not geared towards long-term development. The organizations’ programs focus on immediate relief, but they don’t address the causes of poverty, which will cause these regions to revert to pre-crisis conditions.

In the 1970s, Doctors Without Borders conducted the first major relief effort, helping victims of an earthquake in Nicaragua. This effort continued in Lebanon in 1976, Afghanistan in 1980, and Chechnya in 1995. They also work to assist refugees in several countries and have helped with relief efforts in famine situations. Furthermore, they helped create medicines for neglected diseases. And now, their mission is to provide healthcare to those who have no access to it.

Earth Island Institute

The Earth Island Institute is an environmental organization with over 80 global projects and three in-house programs. Their work focuses on the intersection between environmental, economic, and social issues and is vitally important at this time of climate change acceptance. The Earth Island Institute offers a range of professional services, equipment, and office space for its members. It is also a fiscal sponsor for several other environmental nonprofit organizations.

Program files from the Earth Island Institute include correspondence, conference materials, and project information. There are also several smaller projects and events, such as the San Francisco Bay Seal Project and the International Marine Mammal Project. There are also records of the International Marine Mammal Project, which advocates against the commercial tuna industry’s use of purse seine nets to catch dolphins. The Earth Island Institute also focuses on dolphin welfare, ensuring that no captive marine mammals are killed.

The Earth Island Institute is committed to advancing environmental education and research. In addition to conducting research and sponsoring projects, the Earth Island Institute also coordinates programs to share knowledge, foster international cooperation, and educate the public about global climate issues. In addition, the EII publishes the Greenhouse Gas-ette, a magazine that provides environmental education materials. The organization also participates in the International Green Circle, a network that matches volunteer groups with ongoing environmental projects worldwide.

While the Earth Island Institute claims to be the best non-profit organization in the world, its actions do not reflect its values. It receives donations from big money sources such as the Global Exchange and the Tides Foundation, and uses them to support a variety of fake programs. Their alleged “Dolphin Safe” label is a complete hoax. It is worth noting that the Tides Foundation has received more than $200 million from these sources over the past few years, and is using that money to promote environmental activist campaigns.