There are many ways to raise funds online, but some of the most effective aren’t as tangible as other types of fundraisers. Live streamed events, virtual silent auctions, scavenger hunts, and T-shirts are just a few of the many ideas available. You can find a way to engage your supporters in ways they’ve never imagined. Read on for tips to make your virtual fundraiser a success!

Live streamed events

Live streaming can be an effective way to reach your audience and raise funds for a non-profit organization. You can broadcast events to many different platforms, such as Facebook Live, Twitch, Vimeo, and YouTube. This way, you can reach out to your supporters and increase the level of engagement. You should consider the engagement tactics for each of the platforms you use. For example, you can offer a contest to your viewers.

Live streaming is easy to do. Using a new computer or smartphone and a good internet connection, anyone can live stream an event. You need a microphone and a webcam. You will also need a good amount of bandwidth. If your live stream is viewed by many people, you can increase the amount of money you raise by having it repeated regularly. For the best results, you should add text-to-donate options.

Another option for raising funds for a nonprofit is to host virtual events. You can organize virtual happy hours by organizing a live streamed event with a popular band in your local area. You can livestream the event on Facebook and invite attendees to make donations through it. For an added boost of interaction, you can set up Facebook groups for donors and stream the event live as well.

Another online fundraising idea for nonprofits is to hold virtual game nights. This can involve games such as multiplayer video games, virtual board games, and Pictionary. The event can be recorded and live streamed on various platforms, including Facebook live and YouTube. You can also sell food and raffles, or sell raffle tickets for the items sold at the event. You can even provide free tickets for participants!

Virtual silent auctions

If you’re in need of online fundraising ideas, consider virtual silent auctions. A virtual auction is an event that takes place entirely online, and requires little to no setup, so you can reach a wider audience without too much hassle. Silent auction software like Silent Auction Pro is particularly effective for nonprofits. Facebook is also a great choice for a simple virtual event. After creating an event, you should post auction item pictures and descriptions. You can even use fun segments to engage your bidders and keep their attention.

When setting up a silent auction, make sure to include a range of items, such as art and vintage items. The more diverse your items are, the more people will be interested and bid accordingly. Make sure to have a high-quality image of the items, so they look their best. You can also make use of your existing network to obtain auction items, such as donated items or advertising from local businesses.

Before launching a virtual silent auction, it’s important to choose items based on the needs and budget of your target audience. For example, if you’re planning to have a holiday silent auction, select high-demand items like Christmas trees, wine and gourmet dinners. People who buy these items are more likely to donate to your cause if they feel they’re getting something they’ll appreciate.

To get the most out of your virtual silent auction, consider adding gamification features. Popular gamification techniques include virtual leaderboards, fundraising thermometers, and prizes. These features can be integrated into the planning stage. For example, you can send bid notifications to your bidders via email, which can help fuel their competitive streak. Finally, be sure to thank everyone who bids and create an impact report.

Scavenger hunts

If you are looking for online fundraising ideas for non-profit organizations, scavenger hunts might be a good choice for you. These fun games require a minimum investment of time but can result in significant donations. Scavenger hunts can be fun and engaging, with clues often written in rhyme. For added appeal, you can include prizes for the first person to complete the mission.

The host of the scavenger hunt will set up the hub of the hunt. Each participant will receive a challenge sheet and instructions. After the hunt is complete, the group will have a celebration, either a barbeque, a socially distanced picnic, or a toast. Another option is to nominate other organizations to host a scavenger hunt.


T-shirts are a popular way to raise money for nonprofit organizations, and the benefits of using them are numerous. T-shirts are easy to design, and they can be a profitable fundraiser. First, you’ll want to find a t-shirt provider. Once you’ve chosen a t-shirt provider, you’ll want to design the shirts. After that, you’ll want to determine the best way to market the shirts.

Many nonprofits choose to use t-shirt fundraising platforms like Click & Pledge, where they can create personal fundraising pages and post pictures, videos, and links to their social media accounts. You can also track your campaign’s results through Click & Pledge. Then, you can set up a network of supporters to promote your nonprofit. And, once you’ve set up a fundraising page, you can also order bulk t-shirts. Donors can choose to order one shirt at a time or a hundred or more.

T-shirts are a fun way to raise money for nonprofit organizations. They appeal to your target audience directly. After all, who doesn’t love sports? So, why not use the popular sport to boost your cause? Many sports fans want to support their favorite team, and they’ll buy a t-shirt to show their support. And the same goes for other organizations. You may want to commission a local artist to draw a portrait of your favorite animal, or have a team member draw a picture and write a caption for it.

If you’re a smaller nonprofit organization, you might want to consider using t-shirts as an online fundraising idea. Many sites offer custom apparel. These shirts can be customized to fit your cause and brand. They can also be easily personalized. Using original graphics is an excellent way to ignite a conversation, establish individuality, and unite people passionate about a cause. Using t-shirts as an online fundraising idea for nonprofit organizations doesn’t require monthly subscription fees, and there are no inventory costs. This option is an easy and cost-effective way to make more money.

Pledge drives

Pledge drives are great ways to draw wide support for a cause or campaign. These campaigns are typically organized in response to a particular event, infrastructure difficulty, political campaign, or natural disaster. However, they can also be used as part of a larger event such as an event-a-thon. To get started, organizations should invest in quality pledge software that can keep teams organized and help them reach their goals. To make the most of pledge drives, organizations should set concrete goals and emphasize their importance to the cause.

The use of pledge forms can help non-profit organizations reach their fundraising goals. Pledge forms contain information about the donor, how much they donated, and terms and conditions of the donation. Some organizations protect the identity of their donors. The use of pledge forms is commonplace in crowdfunding events and peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns. It can also be used as a tool to encourage donations from individual donors.

If you’re looking for online fundraising ideas for non-profit organizations, pledge drives are a great way to achieve this goal. Pledge forms are portable and easy to distribute, and many people use them today. Make sure you create a pledge form template to keep track of donations. By planning your distribution strategy ahead of time, you’ll be able to reach more people and increase your chances of exceeding your fundraising goals.

Another online fundraising idea for nonprofit organizations is to sell products. Selling products online allows nonprofits to connect with supporters outside of their community. This allows supporters to contribute money from anywhere without the hassle of traveling to an event. To do this, nonprofits must find a wholesaler and set up an online marketplace. Aside from selling products, nonprofits can also sell t-shirts or other apparel. In addition to purchasing apparel, supporters can also wear custom t-shirts and act as walking billboards for their organization.